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Glen Scotia

De Masterclass zal worden verzorgd door David Mc Callum.

Hello, My name is David McCallum and I am the Business Development Manager and Brand Ambassador for the Loch Lomond Group. I have been around the Scotch Whisky Industry for approximately 6 years now and have been working for Loch Lomond Group for 2 years.

I originally worked at our bottling hall in Glen Catrine in Ayrshire as the production support lead and have in the last year been moved over to the Business Development role. I am heavily involved in showcasing our brands in the form of tastings, shows and brand development days.

Last year I spent time with the Albert Kint group touring Belgium, so I was delighted to be asked to come back and attend this event that I have heard so much about. So I look forward to seeing you all and introducing our products to fans both new and current.

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Glen Scotia 15Y

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